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  1. 8 unique return gift ideas for kids birthday party

    8 unique return gift ideas for kids birthday party

    As we grow old, we lose interest in the birthdays but for kids, Birthday is nothing but the most important festival. Kids wait for this day throughout the year and as parents, we try to make the best for them. Right from selecting the cake to kid’s wear, we need to plan the return gifts for the little guests as well. You can off course get anything from the nearby store as a quick gifting option but today, kids have almost everything and no matter what you give them, chances are, they would already have that.

    At NameFame, we try to curate the unique and special gifts, so you don’t have to look at the plethora of options and just find the best. We are listing the best options for you along with the prices.

    We also understand that in the birthday parties, it is not necessary that all the kids will be of same age, so we are listing the return gifts options for kids for different age group and we have also listed for which age group, this gift would be the best choice.

    When you are looking for gifts for the little guests, they have to be special. Everytime, they will look at your gifts, it will remind them of the occasion. Gifts need not to be very expensive, they just need to be thoughtful. We are listing the gifts in the different range here and we hope, you will like the options listed.

    Here we go:

    We are starting with the most reasonable option and the price will increase as you go down.

    1. Personalized pencil sets: Did you know that even pack of 12 simple pencils can be special for the kids only if it has their name engraved on it. Yes, such a simple and reasonable gift, but kids, will keep it very close to their heart and it will always give them the feeling of being special.

    • Age: 2 Year old to 14 Year old
    • Price : 
      • 5 to 10 sets : 299 INR/set
      • 10 to 20 sets : 250 INR/set
      • 20 plus sets : 199 INR /set

    • In order to discuss the details, you can reach us on Instagram @ or whatsapp/call at +91 9878551222
      • Personalized pencils

    2. Personalized Color Pencils: Set of 12 personalized color pencils is one of the reasonable and the best option for the return gifts.

    • Age: 2 Year old to 14 Year old
    • Price:
      • 5 to 10 sets: 399 INR/set
      • 10 to 20 sets: 350 INR/set
      • 20 plus sets: 299 INR/set
    • In order to discuss the details, you can reach us on Instagram @ or whatsapp/call at +91 9878551222
      • Personalized color Pencils

    3. Personalized Passport covers for kids:  Its is one of the great option for your own kids or the return gifts. You can choose from the color options and character options mentioned below and we can get the passport covers ready for your lil ones. 

    • Age: 2 Year old to 14 Year old
    • Price:
      • 5 to 10 sets: 430 INR/set
      • 10 to 20 sets: 399 INR/set
      • 20 plus sets: 350 INR/set
    • In order to discuss the details, you can reach us on Instagram @ or whatsapp/call at +91 9878551222
      • Personalized passport covers for kids

    4. Personalized Steel Bottles: Since, we only focus on the ecofriendly gifts, plastic is out of question for us. However, we try to make our steel bottles more appealing by personalizing it. You can get each bottle personalized with the kid’s name and a character

    • Age: 2 Year old to 14 Year old
    • Price:
      • 5 to 10 pieces: 550 INR
      • 10 to 20 pieces: 499 INR
      • 20 plus pieces: 450 INR
    • In order to discuss the details, you can reach us on Instagram @ or whatsapp/call at +91 9878551222
      • Personalized steel bottle

    5. Personalized Steel Tiffin set: This is one of our very popular item. Who wants to give plastic tiffins to their kids after knowing all the health and environmental hazards caused by plastic? So, mommies have opted for the personalized stainless steel tiffins. Our tiffins are of veigo brand, food grade, and air tight and available in many colors like Red, Blue, Purple, Pink etc. You can add your kids name and kid’s favorite character like Unicorn, Princess, Lion, and Football etc.

    • Age: 2 Years to 14 Years old
    • Price:
      Large Tiffins
      • 5 to 10 pieces: 599 INR/piece
      • 10 to 20 pieces: 550 INR/piece
      • 20 plus pieces: 499 INR/piece

     In order to discuss the details, you can reach us on Instagram @ or whatsapp/call at +91 9878551222Personalized steel tiffin or lunch box

    6. Personalized Pillow: This is one of our premium return item for the kids. Our pillows are beautifully designed to add to the room décor and currently, 7 designs are available to choose from. You cannot find this product anywhere else. This is exclusively available on

    • Age: New Born to 12 Years
    • Price:
      • 5 to 10 pieces: 550 INR/piece
      • 10 to 20 pieces: 499 INR/piece
      • 20 plus pieces: 450 INR/piece
    • In order to discuss the details, you can reach us on Instagram @ or whatsapp/call at +91 9878551222
    Personalized pillows

    7. Personalized School Bags: From the toddler to junior bags, we have multiple designs for the kids. The bags are cushioned and of high quality. Choose from the designs which includes Car, Football, Butterfly, Elephant etc.

    • Age: 2 years to 6 years old
    • Price:
      • 5 to 10 pieces: 999 INR/piece
      • 10 to 20 pieces: 899 INR/piece
      • 20 plus pieces: 799 INR/piece
    • In order to discuss the details, you can reach us on Instagram @ or whatsapp/call at +91 9878551222

     Personalized Bags

    8. Baby Bedding Set: At NameFame, we make special personalized bedding sets. All our products are handmade and premium at the reasonable price. If you are looking to gift something unique, personalized and premium to the kid of any age. We have the bedding which is made only for the kid.

    • Age: New born to 14 Year old
    • Price:
      • 5 to 10 pieces: 2500 INR/piece
      • 10 to 20 pieces: 2200 INR/piece
      • 20 plus pieces: 1800 INR/piece
    • In order to discuss the details, you can reach us on Instagram @ or whatsapp/call at +91 9878551222

     Baby Bedding

    How to choose the return gift?

    Whatever you choose to gift the kid, please do make sure that the gift is ecofriendly. Our kids are going to deal with all the mess that we are creating in this world. So, we need to make sure that atleast their own gifts are not adding to the environmental hazards.


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  2. 5 Ways a Personalized Pillow for kids Can Bring Joy Everyday

    5 Ways a Personalized Pillow for kids Can Bring Joy Everyday

    Is this a common sight at your home too that your little one just can’t go to bed until he cuddles his favourite pillow? 

    Babies or rather kids have the tendency to seek a sleep time comfort touch. Initially, they do that by holding the mother. But gradually, they begin to feel too much warmth from the Mother’s body and hence. Switch to a pillow or a cushion. Well, that’s not a reason to worry Mommies, rather, it is time you make the favourite pillow even more exciting for your tiny one. How? Personalise it. Here’s why personalised kids’ pillows are so much fun:
    Personalized pillows
    1.Personalised Pillow Lifts Up the Swag Quotient
    Carrying a favourite pillow is common for kids. But imagine if it reads out your kid’s name. He would take an extra ordinary pride in holding that pillow because it has his name’s label. You would not be able to witness this magic until you own one. Don’t be surprised if you see them in your travel bag each time your go outstation with your little one.

    Personalized pillows

    2.Personalised Kids Pillow Add Beauty to your Room
    You can choose a design that complements your bedroom’s theme and add to the aesthetics. Every eye will stop at the beautiful personalised pillow the moment you enter. Every visitor at your house would be intrigued to know your little one has a special pillow – which reads his name and reads it endlessly!

    Personalized pillows
    3.Making your Baby Sleep Gets Easier
    Putting your little one to sleep, especially when it is really needed, can be so tough often. While some of them would just not turn to the bed, others would not even turn to the bedroom. But when you remind them of the pillow, you will see them rushing to the bed

    Personalized pillows

    4.Personalised Pillow Turned Best Friend Turned Mom’s Cannon
    A personalised pillow will soon become your baby’s best friend, you’d see once you own one. Each time your little one crosses the line and you are unable to control a bad behaviour, the “best friend” can be your cannon to set a good example. You can always take the pillow’s name to say he is good boy or good girl—and you must learn from your friend. This cannon works, believe us

    Personalized pillows
    5. A Valuable Gift that Will Prove your Creativity as Parent
    While all parents equally love living their special moments with their kids, some appear more creative than others. When you add elements of surprise and gifting for your little one, the joy doubles up for all of you. Gifts such as a personalised pillow that bring a real value for money and add to baby swag always speak volumes of your creativity as parents. The touch of personalisation can convert an ordinary gift into an extra ordinary article. When it is a pillow, the magic is doubled. Try it and relish it!

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  3. Are you still using plastic tiffins for the kids?

    Are you still using plastic tiffins for the kids?

    How difficult is it to make a move from plastic lunch boxes to stainless tiffins? We asked few moms and dads about it and most of them had an answer which pointed out that stainless lunch boxes are so boring that kids would never want to use them. Here at NameFame, we made an attempt to bring exciting personalized stainless steel lunch boxes in India for the kids to overcome this concern about the stainless steel lunch box. Our lunch boxes are branded, food grade, air tight and at the same time, allows the personalization. You can mention kid's name and select character of kids choice like Unicorn, Princess, Lion etc to be engraved on the lunch box or bottle. Who does not love personalized lunch boxes but when you get stainless steel lunch box personalized, you get interesting, hygenic and eco-frienldy gift for the kiddo. We all know the advantages of stainless steel tiffins over the plastic, so, we are not going to talk about that. We would only like to stress on the point that its high time, we put in efforts to reduce the plastic content and start taking the baby steps towards the plastic free world. Few of the moms and dads bloggers who prefer stainless steel lunch box over plastic boxes have shared their views with us which you can read below. 

    One of our dad blogger, who happens to be a doctor too has also pointed out that even the BPA free plastic tiffins are no good. Please read his detailed view on the same below. 

    Bearded_doc: There is no such thing as a safe plastic. Plastic contains toxic compound BPA and for this reason, consumers have been duped into thinking by "BPA-Free" is perfectly safe. But this is not true. Exposure to these type of chemicals can reprogram your metobolism and make it more likely to store the calories, instead of passing them through. 

    Plastics are made from Petro chemicals through an energy intensive process that itself created lots of pollution and toxis discharge, making the planet les habitable. 

    Shivanya_Mom: With the emerging dependency on gadgets and machines era, humans are going more lazy and mindfully convenient with the amount of brands providing 100% satisfaction to what he actually needs. Just a robot is missing in every home and that day is even not far off. Well, I have made you familiar with such reality just above which we all know inside ourselves but deny from outside. PLASTIC! We do use it in our everyday lives and especially more when we have microwaves installed in our kitchens. And yes! we are enjoying it because I believe this is the most convenient way of preparing things ready by pushing the buttons on and off. But guys! Do ask from your heart keeping your hands on it, are we doing right depending so much on such utensils. We only have joined hands to say to NO TO PLASTIC BAGS once, do we have ever thought when the only carrying of things inside the plastic can harm our health then what harm are getting out of such utensils. Coming to a personal usage of utensils for my baby, I thoroughly restricted myself to silver ones earlier and now to steel ones. As we as parents always want to give the best to our kids so lets start it with the ones at home. Yes! I did buy the colorful plastic spoons, bowls for her but at the end of the day my instinct didn’t allow me to continue with that. I know the dependency has become so hard that it might place a little difficulty while shifting ourselves to not to plastic ones. Because with the plastics we have oven plastics also and it makes so convinient for us. But for babies, we should leave a stereotypical notion and let ourselves to REDUCE the use of plastics in our daily life. Be it bags, polythene, utensils etc whatever we can het rid off, we should. You know what I have a little little spoon, bowl, pressure cooker, fry pans in the kitchen that even make my baby feel good when i hand. I am not going scientifically for what qualities shall steel utensils have in them but we all do know what bad effects are of plastic ones. No one can question on the authenticity of high quality plastic to be used in the brands but steel is the one we can touch and reflect for the same. This NO PLaSTIC MOMENT is not only for our little ones but for us who has to make a change within ourselves first.


    Fables_of_Babyv: In most households, food is served in normal steel utensils, then why do we buy plastic ones for our babies? I agree that plastic utensils come in a variety of shapes and colours but that doesn't change the fact that they adversely effect our kids health. No matter how much we scour the markets for BPA free plastics, they are bound to have bad effects.So its time to go back in time and bring steel utensils once again because:

    Steel is very strong and durable. No matter how many times our little ones throw them during their temper tantrums, its a worry free metal that neither cracks or bends easily. It is very easy to clean and maintain steel utensils. Just wash them well with dish washing liquid and no hassle of sterilizing. Also they are rust- proof and stain- resistant. Silver is not only 100% bacteria free but has anti-bacterial properties too, so there is no hassle of sterilizing it. A usual wash and hot water rinse are enough.Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic surface and any food served in it doesn't attract dust as a result all the nutrients and taste remains intact in food.

    Steele utensils are also comparatively cheaper that plastic ones and are a  one-time investment only. If you buy plastic or any other material, you may need to keep buying new plates after some time but if you buy steel plates, you can use them forever without having to buy plates again. You can even get personalized utensils for gifts and mementos by getting them engraved easily. And Lastly, steel is 100% recyclable metal so as a duty towards mother earth and future generation, I urge you to switch back towards steel utensils for better health and prosperous future. 



    When it come s to kids we choose every thing which is the best for them so when its about there lunch boxes how can we stay silent.

    Stainless steel tiffins have a number qualities Typically, they last longer than glass or plastic because they are corrosion resistant, and do not leach chemicals when exposed to sun/heat. 
    They are generally more expensive than plastic, as the cost to produce them is much higher due to being energy intensive. However, stainless steel is 100 percent recyclable. 
    The best option for selecting stainless steel tiffins is food grade #304 or 18/8, which means there are 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickle
    There are other several reasons to choose stainless steel over glass or plastic

    Well, obviously, stainless-steel lunch boxes are more versatile and unbreakable. It is easy enough to break a glass lunch box though, and it can cause serious injury too. For this reason alone, it is best to choose a stainless-steel lunch box. If the latter will be carried by kids, there’s all the more reason to choose steel over glass or plastic

    Lighter and portable as compare to glass tiffins:
    In most cases, stainless steel tiffin boxes are much more portable and lighter in weight than the glass versions. This makes them durable enough and easier to carry around whether your kid is heading to school or an adventure picnic. Glass tiffin boxes can be heavier and could weigh you down.

    With plastics posing many possible health threats, it is better to shift to healthier choices. If you really wish to do away with the harmful plastics in all forms, it is best to choose stainless steel lunchboxes.plastic tiffins realeases a chemical when hot fiid is serve in them which can lead to CANCER TOO so its better to avoid plastic n use steel.

    Great designs and organization: Stainless steel lunchboxes come with lots of options when it comes to compartmentalization and organization of different food types. Also, stainless-steel lunchboxes are not plain and boring anymore. a range of insulated lunchboxes that not only are functional, but come in attractive colors and patterns too.

    Stainless-steel is antibacterial and won’t leach any harmful chemicals into your food. This makes it the best material for your lunch box, especially for your kids, doesn’t it?

    Priyanka_ashish: Say no to plastic. We should avoid using plastic material for food packaging,specially hot food. Since plastic lunch boxes releases some kind of chemicals when kept in contact with hot food, according to the research these chemicals increase the chances of cancer and various diseases.For a child this is more harmful than adult person. But with stainless steel lunch box or tiffin box there is no such problem. So ,I will suggest not to choose plastic lunch boxes and keep your kids and family safe.This will also keep the earth safe from platics as plastic is the biggest problem for domestic waste management. Buy this personalized stainless steel tiffin's customised for kid's favorite character according to your need with your kids name written on it. Great initiative by ,say no to plastic
    Gift your Lil ones bful sets and keep them safe . 

    Stupid_Beardess: Why give your kids plastics even when you know it's bad?
    Most of us are adversaries of plastic free movements and reducing the use of plastics. We buy ourselves upcycled products and decorate our homes with earthenware and what not! Pause a second. Who is the most precious in your life? Most mamas and papas without any doubt would answer, 'my little one'. But are you making the correct choices for them? Start of every school year, you get them those colorful little boxes to pack their lunch, cute little bottles to hold their water, ain't so? You buy those boxes adorned with popular characters- Spiderman and iron man for the boys, Barbie for the girls (Please note, I am not gender stereotyping, just pointing out a trend!). Though aware of the dangers of plastic, you defend yourselves seeing those BPA free tags. Please know that plastic in whatever form, is plastic! And it's gonna affect your kid in adverse ways!

    Most of us still buy them coz they are attractive. Who wants those boring old fashioned stainless steel lunch boxes (though they are safe)? But what if you get trendy personalised stainless steel lunch boxes and bottles for your munchkins? Head over to for getting those lovely boxes and bottles. What's better than personalised gifts? They have different color options and make excellent gifts too! Let's make a conscious choice for our kids. Say no to plastic. Take your green step now!!  

    raising_2_munchkins:  We all love our children more than everything, so we always choose best products for them to ensure their safety.
    Children are particularly susceptible to chemical effects because their organs are not fully developed and are vulnerable to disruption, because they have higher relative exposures and their metabolic systems are under-developed.
    The best way to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals is to stay away from plastic. But reducing plastic waste is especially hard when you have little kids. 
    I urge you all to take precautions in your own homes to minimize the usage of plastic. Switch to stainless steel products from plastics to keep your kids safe. 
    Start from replacing plastic lunch boxes with personalized stainless steel tiffins. Fancy plastic tiffins, can be stylish but neither they are good for the environment nor for our kids health. Personalized Stainless steel boxes are more durable than plastic lunch boxes and are free from harmful chemicals. They also last a long time making them worth the initial cost.
    Additionally, replace plastic water bottles with personalized stainless steel bottles, they are lightweight and very durable.
    And for supporting this #Noplastic campaign. I have collaborated with . They have launched an amazing collection of personalised stainless steel tiffins and water bottles. Their lunch boxes come with small containers that do fit together inside. The best part is, they do personalization according to customers choice.
    So guys, go and check their #Noplastic range at NameFame's steel collection

    Swati_avyaan_mommy: This one is close to my heart. Gradually, we are all waking up to the fact that we need to preserve our environment. Sustainable growth is the need of the hour. I have decided to do my bit. We need to collectively bid adieu to the use of plastics and instead use the more eco friendly steel. Our kids will only emulate us and hence it is important for us to set the right example. Get the party started. Visit for a plethora of options other than plastic. Personalized steel lunch box, Tiffins, spoons, bottles etc. What's more all of this could be personalised with your child's name and child's favorite cartoon.

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  4. Twinning with Mom: Mother's Day special, Twin with your son or daughter

    Twinning with Mom: Mother's Day special, Twin with your son or daughter

    Twinning with Mother: When Mommy and Baby Go Gaga Matching their Dresses

    No matter how much the world emphasises these patterns --- daddy’s girl and momma’s boy, the fact remains that regardless of the genders, babies share an indispensable bond with their mothers.

    In fact, girls who are attached too much to the mother, always have the edge to copy her style statement too. And, here begins the game of “Twinning with Mommy”.

     Twinning with Mom


    But, the world order is changing now and boys are nowhere behind in following this trend -- all thanks to our creative dress designers and thought leaders in the industry – boys have no less a chance to do that now.

     This entire concept of twinning with mother has picked up pace this year. Mothers have never been short of fulfilling the needs of their children and walking the extra mile to ensure a fun-filled life. The more care and affection a mother provides to her little one, the higher is her level of satisfaction and joy.  

    With all the salutations to the efforts each mother makes towards carving a beautiful life for the little one, we have put together a team of our best designers to create opportunities for each mommy to receive all the happiness and joy she deserves in return. 

    Our “Twinning with Mother” range of dresses is not a mere addition to our product catalogue. It is rather, a testimony of the value we hold for mothers and their impeccable relationship with their children which is loaded with emotions, fun, struggles and beauty!

    Twinning with Mom

    Here are some quick reasons why Twinning with Mother is so much fun:

    1.Perfect Selfie

    Get a chance to rev up your selfies with your little one. When you match a dress with him or her, it adds to your image value and creates a perfect Mother’s Day memory.

    2. Mom and Baby Swagger    

    Your dressing is the biggest teller of your style statement. Your matching dress with your little one shows your thought process and seriousness about your dual swagger.

    3. Ready Dresses for Events

    When you have the dress sets ready in your wardrobe, you are always prepared well for a weekend party. You never have to spend a sleepless night thinking how to ensure you and your little look the best the next day at the event.

    4. Feel Good for your kid

    For a child, her parents are the biggest role models. They have a tendency to copy the parents the moment. While girls try to follow mom’s make up, boys wear her big shoes

    We also asked many moms about their views on the Twinning and we have collated them here for you all to read:

    @TheDelhiBahu:I love twinning with my son. It can be me twinning or my husband twinning, but the happiness on his face is priceless. I feel more than us, it is him who feels the connect or experience a feeling of belonging when he sees me or my husband matching him. A very recent example being, we were getting ready for a Pooja at our home and my son (in past) had given me a SUPER hard time trying to make him wear ethnic. So this time too I was hoping a full 10 on 10 tantrum from him while making him wear a cotton chikan kurta pajama. The outfits of my son and my husband were exactly same (prepared specifically for this occasion). So as soon as he started showing signs of reluctance to wear ethnic, I pointed to him at his father’s dress. He did NOT say a single word, wore it and was HAPPY to have worn something exactly same as his dad. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This child who wouldn’t wear a kurta for even 15 minutes otherwise wore it throughout the function and enjoyed himself. So yes I personally feel twinning is not just a fashion statement, it sometimes is more for the child than us.

    @Aakanksha Vohra Twinning does makes some beautiful memories.. When my son was born in September last year my daughter who has turned 5 just then felt a little left out although we made sure she is included in everything but then it wasn't possible in everything. So when we were planning a grand Lohri celebration for my new born I was worried that she may not feel left out so I bought twinning colour dresses for both of us. Although I didn't want to wear that colour but to make her feel special I decided to twin and the pride on her face that day was unmatched. So twinning is not just a fashion statement but it has an emotional quotient too.

    @Dishagautamb: Twinning with my munchkins like living your childhood with your kid. I LOVE buying same dresses for me and my daughter. I have a son and daughter. Shopping for my son was super boring and twinning with him was limited to tshirts. Now with my daughter I experiment with everything Tshirts, dresses, gowns , Indian dresses and shoes too. It’s a feeling of pride for me. Now twinning for us means my son and my husband, and me and my daughter. Life is too short. Live it with love, make small thing's special and find happiness in them. We as parents need to inculcate the habit of loving every moment of life instead of always crying for what we don’t have. “TWINNING IS JUST A WAY TO TEACH THEM HOW THINGS CAN BECOME SIMPLE IF WE ALL LIVE AND UNDERSTAND THINGS TOGETHER.”

     @Cute_lil_udyan: Everyone loves twinning with kids and so do I. But along with the clothes, we should also twin in different ways. We all know that the kids always like and enjoy copying the elders or specially the parents. Be it lifestyle or eating habits or anything and everything for that matter, so why not take this to our advantage and twin our habits and values with our children along with the outfits. So yeaahh. Let’s twin reading habits, twin healthy eating habits, twin the good values along with Twinning with clothes. We can’t teach them. They do what they see. So it all starts from us and this is how the twinning game will be on point and we can proudly say “TWINNING WINNING”

     @Aishwarya.sandeep: Yes I do love twinning with my son. Though we do not have any specific mom-son outfits but on occasions we do share the same color combination. I generally let my son select his outfits as I believe that is the easiest way to teach them about decision making. At times I also end up wearing clothes that he selects. Sometimes he does lend me his cartoon t-shirts...

     @Shruti Mittal: I love twinning with my twins 

    @Nida Sutariya:  Experiencing a life with toddler - twinning is something which happens not just in clothes but everything. Same glasses, same colour watch, sometimes even socks, gosh- it’s amazing to do it as the excitement amongst the child to dress up, look like either of parents makes them feel full of happiness and esp. when others appreciate or comment it makes my son feel as if he has received an award. Twinning for me, my husband and our 3.5 year old is all about matching moods. While it’s about bonding and having the feel of being together. Twinning for us is also to scan us - especially to unknown places. I teach my son to remember what colour and pattern we are wearing so that if we tend to get lost he can quickly recognize in the crowd. So with fun, bond and sense of belongingness, twinning for us also becomes “sign” at unknown places.

    @Lilstarmom: You call it crazy? I call it one of the fun parts of motherhood, a little bonding between moms and their little champs. And one of my favourite instagram page launch twinning outfits.

    @Everylittlething.happiness:  I think twinning is a great way of bonding since my girls can see their sibling wear the same dress and enjoy dressing up together. It has also made my life simpler.  Because I don't have to keep looking for different clothes for both of them .It's a little struggle too because we usually don't get same clothes for the age range hence I have to really go to different places (online and offline) to get the same dresses.I truly believe that twinning clothes will curb any kind of complex among siblings as there is nothing to compare in terms of clothes at least.

    @Stepup.mommy: I love twininng not because it looks cool but it inculcates the feeling of belongingness. We all believe that giving birth to a baby is like watching your heart walking outside your body and when we Twin, Its an overwhelming feeling as we both are just one and in twinning moment, it again feels one. I wish I could twin with him every single day and my son definitely loves Twinning and I can see glow in his eyes when I or my husband twins with him.

     @Momy_hood: I like twinning!!! Somehow this makes our bond stronger. I give extra time while selecting her clothes, making faces, taking pictures. These will be memorable moments, maybe we will see all pictures after 10 years and giggle together.


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  5. Views of 21 mommies on the co-sleep or cot-sleep

    Views of 21 mommies on the co-sleep or cot-sleep

    Co-sleep with your baby - When cot becomes extended Bed

    As part of our research, we talked to more than 20 moms to understand their views about the Co-sleep or cot-sleep for the baby. Without any doubt, most of the moms recommended Co-sleep with few exceptions and those moms who encourage the cot sleep has their own reasons to say so and they are definitely the valid ones too. Being a mom, its individual choice and everyone is absolutely correct as moms know the best for their baby. However, as we learn from each other experience, we thought of sharing their views with you and also, one of our own recommendation where you can co sleep with the baby even when the baby is in the cot. 

    Moms who recommended the co-sleep have talked about warmth you get when you sleep with your baby, the advantage of the body touch and many more points which you can read below as we have tagged the moms with thwir comments. 

    Moms who recommended the cot sleep mainly talks about safety of the baby.

    Well, being a mom myself, I have gone through these dilemmas when my baby was born. My instincts always told me to stay with my baby all night and it was difficult for me to imagine to make him sleep in a cot away from me. So, we came up with this amazing solution and you don’t need to buy any specific cot for the same.

    Just take your regular cot, put one side of the cot down and connect with your bed. Other side of the cot should be the wall. You can get some reference from the pic below.

    The advantage of doing this:

    1. You are sleeping next to baby and you can always hug your baby, pick him up without even moving if the baby feel uncomfortable.
    2. If you are not using the attached cot and you want to co-sleep with your baby, you have to make sure that the baby sleeps between mom and dad. So, that the baby does not fall from the bed. However, if you do it, you are losing on husband-wife time ;) Being a mom, you would hardly get quality time with your husband and if baby sleeps between you, you have to put pillows around the baby too. So. That your husband does not hurt the baby at night. My husband forgets everything in sleep, so I had to be very cautious.

    Now, when I decided to do this. I felt great about this idea and most of my friends followed this. The other issue which came up with this was to get the baby bedding. So, Now, I had to get the complete set, though I only needed one side bumper. Namefame come to our rescue and we got the bedding which was the right fit for the extended bed arrangements. Now, they are only selling bedding with one side bumper to encourage co-sleep and at the same time, making sure baby is safe and husband-wife get their own sweet timeJ

    We have listed views of different moms. Please do go through them and then make a choice for yourself. As a mom, you know the best for your baby. Follow your intuitions and have a healthy baby. All the very best in your journey and I am very thankful to the moms who shared their views with me. So, I could collate them for everyone to read.

    @nira_3105: Sleeping close to your baby itself is a very satisfying feeling. After all, who doesn't like to cuddle up that little bundle of joy all night long. But I have always preferred cot-sleeping for my baby. I felt that he also needs some space of his own, that's comfortable and cozy. My son sleeps in baby-cot from the day we arrived from hospital. Somebody even told me that if you make him habit of baby-cot he will not sleep anywhere else. And frankly, I actually never faced this problem with my baby. In co-sleeping we constantly need to be very cautious with our movements or in that case our snoring also(we all snore, you agree or not). I am not at all against the thought of co-sleeping with baby. It's just that comfortable and peaceful sleep is more important for both baby and parents. Sometimes we also follow co-sleeping with baby. Like he is unwell or wakes up in the middle of the night crying loud, we prefer making him sleep with us in bed. In my opinion, you can't judge between co-sleeping or cot-sleeping. In a city like Mumbai, space constraint is also one of the factor people opt for co-sleeping. So, it's basically a personal choice of every parent basis surrounding factors. 

    @Dishagautamb: "The world is in your arms when you co sleep with your new love"... its only few initial years when your kid wants you all the time just be with them and feel the warmth , the love , the cosyness , the happiness you get when you co sleep... In hindi everyone says " sukun ki neend"  is what co sleep is all about.

    @Momy_hood:  I prefer co sleep with my baby!! Waking up at night  kissing to her forehead, she always search me for cuddle.this feeling can't be described. 

    @mama_and_arjun: Co-sleeping  v/s Crib sleeping : So, what I feel & experienced is that co-sleeping is the best sleeping way with your bundle of joy . One of the advantages is that,  emotional availability is the most important factor towards healthy development .This means being sensitive to your baby's cue & responding appropriately. Also, for breastfeeding moms,co-sleeping is very helpful & comforting.  Another co-sleeping advantage is ,it has been attributed to better emotional health of child . When the baby feels that someone is near to him, he feels secure & comfortable. Also, co-sleeping teaches a child ,their needs will be more quickly met & more nurturing environment he gets !

    PS- Upto a certain age, co-sleeping is the best according to me, But by the time when your baby is big enough to Express his needs & requirements clearly you can start crib sleeping practice for let him independent emotionally!

    @Mommy_modeon:  I’m a mother of a five year old and my baby. My baby is a Co sleeper,as I feel he doesn’t have a sleep schedule.Moreover I believe if baby sleeps with the mother it helps in maintaining body temperature. Co sleeping helps babies to ‘breathe more regularly,use energy more efficiently,grow faster and experience less stress’. Mothers who are not breastfeeding, can keep pillows between you and the baby just comfortable sleeping position.

    @Kinjal_kriti: I prefer Co- sleeps. the main reason is breastfeeding during night time is very easier. there is no need to wake up n get up from the bed n go the baby fo feed or comfort her. and several feelings such the warm touch of the mother her movement, her smell n comfort that would help in overall development . not only the mothers bt also the father will enjoy co-sleeping with their children , as it leads to a great bonding time. it will be a great feeling to wake up next to smiling n beautiful baby.

    @ThePHDBaby: Though it was adviced by doctors to never co-sleep since it increases the chances of suffocating the baby, I personally never put her away in a cot. As an Indian mom, it came somewhat naturally to me to feed the baby and put her near me in bed. I was the most careful in her first two years and by God's grace the mom radar was so strong that a minor hiccup woke me up. So I constantly kept a tab on her while she slept . I personally advocate co-sleeping since it keeps the baby close to your touch.But extra caution has to be taken and a bit of sleep sacrificed.It is helpful to take separate blankets and use bed dividers and avoid any soft toys or pillows which could suffocate the child

    @Wearing mommyhood:  Throughout my pregnancy, I was 100% sure that I am gonna buy a separate cot for my little one. After all, it has so many benefits like Independence, more hygiene, less accidents etc. But somehow, we couldn't buy it due to various reasons. And we ended up co-sleeping with the baby from day 1. We couldn't sleep properly for a few days initially as we were extremely worried of rolling on to him but later on we enjoyed a lot..It made breastfeeding easy for me as I fed him in side lying position. Soo

    Soon, he started sleeping on my arm or my husband's chest which definitely destresses us both..We have definitely built a strong bond over sleeping which is cherishable forever..When he was 3 months old, he stopped crying in the night for feed and used to kick me instead. This reduced the extent of crying in a great way and soon his night schedule was in place in 3 months.. I saved on so much of my sleep due to this..As an added advantage, we saved some good money too..What worked for us may not What worked for us may not work for rest of the parents, so I suggest to choose wisely.

    @Vihu_n_mumma : Every new mothers face this situation...what's good for baby??? Cot Sleep or Co sleep!!!!! Basically what I prefer is Co-Sleeping. I have tried crib for 4-5 days as people said to me that baby might get harm while sleeping with you, baby would not get enough sleep on bed blah blah...but what I feel is my baby is having peaceful and good sleep while she sleep with me.

     Here are some benifits of Co-Sleeping.

    • Co-Sleeping with baby made breastfeeding easier as baby is sleeping in a same bed so mother can feed him/her when needed. 
    • As mother is sleeping with baby throughout the night and taking care of her will develop a sense of trust in baby.
    • It also reduce mothers stress and gives her peaceful sleep.

     But there are some points that you have to follow while co sleeping with your baby.

    • Never sleep with a baby when you are drunk or if you have taken any drug.
    • Don't put extra cushions or soft toys on a bed when you are sleeping with baby.
    • Material of mattress Nd bedsheets will be soft and comfortable for baby.
    • Use separate baby blanket for baby.

     @Richa Rai Sood:  Co sleeping is best because night feeds become easy nd it gives mother's warmth to baby as well. My 6 years old son nd 3 months old daughter co sleeps with me.

    @Garima Mishra Dwivedi Without any doubt co sleeping is the best as u wud fastly recognize if baby feels any discomfort n also gv baby needed warmth from mother.

    @Poorva Nilesh Co sleeping of course...i cannot imagine waking up and going to another room after every hour. It will definitely cause more exertion ... Co sleeping gives you some comfort

    @Princy Gupta Co sleeping without any doubt 

    @Khushboo Ojha Shukla In a day time while u busy wd household chores cot sleeping and in night co sleeping 

    @Naghma Afsar Lot of researches done in western countries suggest that cot sleep is better for child's personality development but in our culture co sleeping is what we have been following since ages and does not really affect kids negatively. My view is co sleep is best for both child and parent(s). You don't have to run every now and then to check your kid and kids also have more comfortable and safe sleep. This strengthens the bond of kids and parents as a family.

    @Ramya Karthik Co sleep, makes nursing easier, calms my nerves down and hassle free, baby sleeps wherever I sleep, even during trips and travels! 

    @Anjum Fatima My baby sleep in his crib which is beside my bed and the railing is removed .. he always sleep like that so he is right beside me but in his crib but sleeps on my hand 

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  6. Must read for new mommies: Mommies sharing their experience with new mommies

    Must read for new mommies: Mommies sharing their experience with new mommies

    Word from mommies to new mommies

    We all agree that motherhood is a very special journey. We all listen to the wonderful experiences and the beauty of it. No wonder, it is the most beautiful thing one can experience in the life. Giving birth to child is not less than a miracle.

     The way we say that marriage is beautiful but it comes with its own share of responsibilities and adjustments. Similarly, motherhood is beautiful but let’s not treat it as a fairy tale. It’s always better to know the reality and be prepared for it. I have not seen any mom who would not have said “It’s the most beautiful experience and I cried at nights when I felt it’s too much for me to handle”

     Yes, moms do experience the breakdowns mainly when they are alone at night. When they do not get the proper sleep. It’s ok to cry and experience that this is too much of a responsibility for you. In no way, we feel that this blog can help you prepare for the motherhood journey and believe me, nothing can J but when you will experience the lows, you will remember how other moms also felt the same and you will feel good about it. You will know that you are not the only one who is experiencing this and it’s enough for us to feel lighter. We all sail in the same boat.

     So, here are the snippets from the experienced moms, who are willing to share the journey and their experience with the new mommies.

    @Dishagautamb: All the new Mommy's out there, First of all congratulations for your bundle of joy. My advice to you all would be “when in doubt, just go with your instincts”. You are the Mother and you are the best. No one in world can think better than you do for your child. Post pregnancy is a tedious job, sleepless nights, frequent diaper change sessions, always thinking about how to increase milk flow , managing yourself, baby and house. Just be positive and go with the flow. Enjoy every moment with your new love. Just remember one things “Work and Time will never stop but your kid will grow up and you will say, oh my God, Time Flies”.

    @nira_3105: Sleep deprivation comes as part and parcel of motherhood. We all have been warned about sleepless nights, but no one has helped us with the solution. Here, I want to help new mommies in getting better sleep for both of them. Once your baby is a month old and gaining sufficient weight, make him a habit of sleeping longer in nights (5-6 hours at least, at a stretch). Calm and peaceful sleep helps in baby's development. Just before your bedtime, give oil massage to your baby's legs for 5 minutes and rub little ghee on baby's feet. If possible, also recite Gayatri Mantra or Ramraksha while making him sleep. 

    This worked for me like wonders and first night itself my baby slept for good 7 hours. Ultimately I started getting better sleep and was fresh throughout the day. 

    Hope you all new mommies find this advice useful. All the best from for this beautiful journey called "motherhood".

    @ns_neeta: I am a dentist and I want to write on a topic that is not frequently discussed, ‘Teeth Care for Babies’. Being a dentist and a new mother, I would really want all the other mothers out there to understand and care for their child’s teeth. I truly hope that this help in educating them on how to take care of baby teeth.

    When it comes to infant tooth care, I often hear my patients say “they are just baby teeth”. Being a dentist I can say that baby teeth requires baby care.

    Typically, the first tooth eruption happens at 6-12 months. The baby teeth aka “primary teeth” is embedded in the gums from birth hence teeth/gum care should start ideally start once the baby is born. My journey of tooth care of my DD started right from when her teeth were un-erupted. Below is the teeth 

    care routine I follow.

    Teeth Care Routine

    From 0-6 months: Make it a point to frequently massage the gums with a clean wash cloth/ gauze after every feed. This gives the gums a soothing feeling and trains the child in early brushing.

    From 6-12 months: Once the first tooth has erupted, switch to a soft bristled finger brush which is to be used in circular motions for brushing the teeth. The finger brush I used for my daughter is from Fischer Price.

    From 12-24 months: After the four teeth in the front of the mouth have erupted, a brush recommended for 1-year-olds can be used. Brushing technique should be in circular motions. I used the Chicco toothbrush for my daughter.

    From 36 months onwards: Now is the time to start using toothpaste. A toothpaste containing fluoride is to be used in pea size amount. Kids should be encouraged to brush their teeth twice a day.

    Proper teeth care and brushing techniques leads to decay free teeth and hence a happy childhood.

    @ThePhdbaby: The best lesson which pregnancy and parenting has taught me is the Importance of self-care. Through all the life changing moments what you need the most is a fit and healthy body. It is really critical to strike a balance between self-Care and family-care. My advice to moms to be and new moms is to take care of their bodies. To work towards nutrition and fitness because more than anybody you need fitness in this new demanding phase. Good food and self-care can counter the exhaustion and slowing of metabolism and really work to keep you happy. Don't run after the numbers on the weighing scale, work towards a stronger inside. Health is the fuel which jump-starts motherhood and carries the wagon ahead!

    @Shanayaasoni: To all the new mom’s out there, congratulations on this new life as mom. There would be times when you would doubt yourself because a lot of people are out there trying to make you believe that what you are doing is not right and would bombard you with lots of myths. But always remember that you are doing a great job and can do nothing wrong for your little baby. When in doubt, follow your instinct.

    @mama_and_arjun: It is difficult to give the suggestions but we all learn with our ups and downs. When, I was a first time mum & was absolutely clueless about do’s and don’ts in pregnancy. Then I came to know about the book written by @rujuta.diwekar .The way she has described every single thing be it, diet, health, myths, truths about pregnancy, she covered everything in a single book. The best part about the book is that she advocates simple, local food. She doesn’t advice you fancy diet, and her hilarious way of writing gives you smile on your face. If you are preparing for pregnancy, are pregnant or have just delivered, Pregnancy Notes has got you covered. Rujuta Diwekar takes you through the journey, with tips for even before you get pregnant, till after you deliver your bundle of joy. Each stage includes notes on food, exercise and recovery. Also included are heritage recipes from across the country, so you can mine the wisdom of our grandmothers. This is a must-have guide for every woman.

    @wearingmommyhood: To all the new mommies out there, be proud that you have just brought a new life into this world. We all want to look good, stay fit but please don't just straight away jump onto dieting. Please understand that, it is very important to eat nutrient rich food and fats to an extent for adequate milk production (if you are breastfeeding). So please wait till the baby is 6 months old and then start with any kind of diet. It's better if you wait till the baby turns 1 year. Breastfeeding by itself burns many calories which in turn helps in weightloss. New mommies normally struggle to find the ways of milk production and when you goodle, you find many ways but you are never sure which one will work. So, I can list few ways for you from my experience here. Some of the foods that help in boosting milk production are garlic, oats, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, foxnuts, sago, papaya. Most importantly, drink plenty of water, as water is the major contributor for milk production. A glass of water before and after each feed helps you stay hydrated. If you make sure you don't put on excessive weight, it will be very easy to reduce considerable amount of pregnancy weight within 1 year.

    If you did not get the chance to share your exeperience in the blog. Please feel free to share in the comment section below. 


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  7. Mother's Day Special: Working Moms and their Dilemmas

    Mother's Day Special: Working Moms and their Dilemmas

    Personal view by one of our editor: 

    Every day we hear people suggesting if a lady should join back work after having baby or she should stay back homes. I have heard old ladies(Grandmas) suggesting that the lady should work and I have also seen young women, saying a lady should leave the job for few years to raise the kid better.


    Hence, mix views from all the age groups. In this blog, I am not even trying to reach any conclusion about what’s right and what’s wrong. All, I am trying to do is putting forward the working mom view and her dilemmas.


    The story of a working mom does not start after she becomes a mother. It starts with her childhood. In older times, it was different, when the girl was born, she was taught to take care of the family, her husband and she was raised with a mindset that eventually, she will be raising the kids and taking care of the family. But things were different for the millennial generation and the girls of this generation were raised to be independent and to be strong. I remember when I was a kid, the only thing my dad wished for me was to study well and become someone like an IAS. I was never asked to cook food at home or clean the home. It’s not that I was not expected to work at all. I was asked to bring vegetables from the market, get medicines from the family doctor and even take my grandfather to the doctor. When relatives would ask me if I could cook something, my dad would say “She does not need to. She needs to study and achieve her dreams.”


    Now, imagine growing up with these expectations and growing up in the environment where all you heard was career and being financial independent and eventually, reaching a point in life, where you have to choose between raising kids and your career. Our minds are not wired to take these decisions, we never thought that we will ever need to take this decision. We never realized that raising kids is part of our life too. After school and college, we were busy establishing our career, deciding the career path that we even got late in getting married (as per society standards).


    After getting married, there was no hurry for kids as we were still focusing on the career but society kept reminding that the biological clock is running and it’s high time to plan. So, eventually, a baby is born.


    It’s very difficult to imagine how you would feel after you had a baby and it was easy to say earlier that we will continue the work even after having the baby. Things change when the baby is born and you start spending time with that little bundle of joy.


    It’s not easy and it’s never going to be easy to leave the kid at home and come to work. But this is the moment when you remember your childhood, your parents expectations, your dreams, the nights you were awake to get distinctions, the time you were thriving to get A grades, the competition spirit, the wish to stay financially independent and here comes a new life who needs you every single minute. It’s the time when you have to make the choice and it’s not the easy one.


    Moms who decided to be stay at home mom have taken the right decision and moms who decided to continue with the work have also taken the right decision. The only thing we need to remember is just appreciate your decision and never doubt it. Never let people tell you if this is right or wrong. If you know you can’t be a happy mom if you stay at home, it’s better to do the work and spend quality time with the kid. Similarly, if you are not happy working, it’s better to give the maximum time to the little bundle of joy and your sunshine.


    Now, if we take the decision to continue with the career, it’s our choice and it will come with its own share of adjustments and compromises. As it’s said, you can’t have it all.


    Being a working mom:

    1. You might not have ample amount of time with your kid but you can have quality time. You might be tired when you reach home but that smile can rejuvenate your energy and you are back on track.
    2. You might have to compromise on your “Me time” but that’s worth it. You might start talking to your sleeping kid as well but that’s ok.
    3. Many people will say different things but always remember they are not the ones to decide how you need to lead your life.
    4. You might feel the guilt of leaving the kid at home but do remember that if the baby is with your mom or mom in law, the baby is in safe hands and you are doing the best you can to make sure he is safe. No comments on leaving the babies in day care. If I had to do that, I don’t know if I could do it.
    5. Having a baby change your equation with your husband a bit and especially, when you are working. Imagine, you are not able to give enough time to the baby. How can you give enough time to your husband? You not only struggle to strike the balance between work and baby. It’s actually the balance among work, baby, husband, relatives, in laws and friends.
    6. I intentionally did not talk about the home chores like cooking food, cleaning and all as if you are working, I am sure you can get a help at home to do this. Mommies, you are already a super mom, share the work which you can and imagine, you are also empowering other woman who is working at your home and earning the bread and education for her kids with the money you pay.


    There are different perceptions, views and theories for mommies. Listen to the one which you like and which makes you happy. The one which goes with your ideology and remember it’s impossible to make everyone happy. Do your best and remember you are the one your kids look up to. Make sure you are happy doing what you do and you are setting an example which you want to set for your kid.


    We all go through enough every day and it’s same for men and women. So, let’s be nice and gentle to the people around us and pass your help wherever you can.


    Happy moms raise happy kids. Make sure you are happy. If you are not, take steps which make you happy.







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  8. Looking for the unique gifts for your kid/baby?

    Looking for the unique gifts for your kid/baby?


    A kid, whether a newborn or a grown up, is always a bundle of joy, you’d agree! Buying a special gift for them adds up to this joy for both, the buyers as well as the little ones and their families. In India, in fact, it has now become a practice or rather, a culture to carry special gifts for kids each time you visit your relatives or friends or even colleagues. 


    However, buying a gift for the one you love and value so much, isn’t an easy undertaking at all. When you are buying something for your best friend’s newborn baby, for instance, you would like to get the best gift for her. But then, what do you pick? Out of the mundane items like baby care kit or towel or wraps etc? You might even end up buying a premium quality product but it soon becomes one of the huge piles your friend has been storing in her baby’s almirah-- full of gifts. 


    Take another example: You need to buy something for your five-year-old nephew. By now, he is neither too small to curiously accept everything packed in a box, nor too grown up to love receiving a “useful” item from you – regardless of all the logic you or his parents see in it. This might would leave you even more confused as you want to buy something that appeals to your darling nephew, while also proving a great product value at the same time. But then, how does your gift score over all others which his parents have been buying him all this while?


    Tall task, huh? Don’t worry. Here’s an amazing solution to transform your simple gifts into the most unique ones. You need to gear up to soon win the tag of the special Aunt or special Uncle for you will be remembered for the fantastic gifts you will always buying for the babies and kids in your community. 


                                              A Personalized Gift is Worth a Thousand Regular Products


    Your perplexity in choosing the perfect gift for the little ones around you is over. You’ll be glad to learn about the concept of personalized gifts for kids. These personalized, customized, handmade, kids’ products that range from small regular items like bags, beddings or name banners to custom-made cushions or tiffin boxes and bottles– pump life into even the most commonplace product you buy. 

     If you are a parent already, or atleast have seen a little one growing up around you, you will know how rewarding it is for a parent to see his or her baby’s name inscribed on a product of use, such as a towel, or bed every morning or before going to bed. 

     Also, the customizations that involve inscription of baby or kid’s images on the products is equally heart-winning.

    These customizations are, however, not just confined to cheer up the parents. Your baby grows up reading the messages you leave for him. Someday, he will be able to even understand the meaning behind the message. 

     Imagine, how lovely would it be to say “Mishka, if you want to know how much we love you, count all the stars in the sky” rather than simply saying it without the name: “If you want to know how much we love you, count all the stars in the sky.”

    Eco Friendly and Personalized Gift

    Personalized steel tiffins


    Every morning, your nephew/kid will proudly carry his tiffin to the school as its ecofriendly and he has the name inscribed on top of it. Our nameframes and name buntings collection will help the kid build his own identity  and kid will gladly drag all his friends and guests to his room to flaunt it. Isn’t that something that thrills you when you think of buying a gift for kiddos in your family and friends’ group, the next time?

     There are a plenty of options to choose from when you get a customised product or personalised gift for kids. You can find a range of personalized products with us.  You can either choose a product from the gallery and enter the name of your kid in the textbox next to the product.

     The only thing imperative here is you start planning a bit in advance to allow maximum time to craft the best personalised, customised gifts for kids you love!

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  9. 4 Simple Reasons Kids Love Personalized Gifts More than the Regular Ones

    4 Simple Reasons Kids Love Personalized Gifts More than the Regular Ones

    The little ones these days are smarter than we think. They understand human emotions relatively better than the millennials in their toddlerhood, and identify special affection and attention quite easily. So, do you think buying a gift for them remains as simple as it did, in the past decade? You’ve got it right. The answer is simply No!

    Further, as accessibility and affordability grow, parents of little ones rarely expect people to gift them the basic things of need for the babies and kids. They already have them plenty. But would that mean, you should no longer buy goodies, stationaries or wraps or even towels etc for the darling kiddos in your community? Well, the answer lies in optimizing these gifts with a stamp of the undying love and an ultimate bond you share with the little ones. The stamp, as well call it, is personalization in gifts. You can explore options of personalized gifts

    So, here’s detailing why should you prefer personalised gifts over the ordinary ones, especially, for kids:

    #1 Your Gift Becomes Unique:

    personalized bedding

    Pick up a simple premier quality pillow for a little one you are going to meet soon.  Regardless of how much money you would spend on it provided its quality and safety to use, you cannot expect the kid to see through that value with the same eyes. It becomes one of the things for her. But imagine how a stamp of her name inscribed on this same pillow will turn events. She would let everyone in the house know the sipper belongs to her.

    #2 Personalised Gift is Epitome of Affection:

    We all understand that love and affection are intangible. Yet, we try to convey them right to others by ways of expressions, deeds and actions. Gifts prove to be a great channel to convey this beautiful emotion of love, you would agree. A personalised gift, thus, supersedes all other things of value you would gift to the baby or kid in your family. A name banner that loudly reads out his name or a toy box that belongs to him, simply since it bears his name, would always stand a greater preference among gifts.

    #3 The Gift Brings Out Creativity and Thoughtfulness:

    personalized tiffin

    Deriving straight out of the point on affection, a personalised gift powerfully conveys how much thought you have invested in selecting it for the loved ones. The gift says it all and you need not utter a word supporting your hard work in finding the right fit for the kid. This thoughtfulness would always win you a special place in the hearts of both – the kid as well as the parents.

    #4 Your Gift Proves Longer Shelf Life and Real Value for Money:

    Personalized bags

    By adding personalisation in a simple product, you add life to it. This product now has an identity and retention. In fact, it becomes a memorable gift forever. While the kid would love to use it more given his sense of belongingness with that product, you find a real value for the money and time you invested in bringing it to him!



    Summing Up

    A personalised gift has to potential to pump life into an ordinary product. Simply as a name adds identity to a kid or a baby out of hundreds in a hospital’s new born nursery, a personalised message or stamping of name etc transform a simple product into a unique one. You need to decide which one belongs to you.

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