Must read for new mommies: Mommies sharing their experience with new mommies

Word from mommies to new mommies

We all agree that motherhood is a very special journey. We all listen to the wonderful experiences and the beauty of it. No wonder, it is the most beautiful thing one can experience in the life. Giving birth to child is not less than a miracle.

 The way we say that marriage is beautiful but it comes with its own share of responsibilities and adjustments. Similarly, motherhood is beautiful but let’s not treat it as a fairy tale. It’s always better to know the reality and be prepared for it. I have not seen any mom who would not have said “It’s the most beautiful experience and I cried at nights when I felt it’s too much for me to handle”

 Yes, moms do experience the breakdowns mainly when they are alone at night. When they do not get the proper sleep. It’s ok to cry and experience that this is too much of a responsibility for you. In no way, we feel that this blog can help you prepare for the motherhood journey and believe me, nothing can J but when you will experience the lows, you will remember how other moms also felt the same and you will feel good about it. You will know that you are not the only one who is experiencing this and it’s enough for us to feel lighter. We all sail in the same boat.

 So, here are the snippets from the experienced moms, who are willing to share the journey and their experience with the new mommies.

@Dishagautamb: All the new Mommy's out there, First of all congratulations for your bundle of joy. My advice to you all would be “when in doubt, just go with your instincts”. You are the Mother and you are the best. No one in world can think better than you do for your child. Post pregnancy is a tedious job, sleepless nights, frequent diaper change sessions, always thinking about how to increase milk flow , managing yourself, baby and house. Just be positive and go with the flow. Enjoy every moment with your new love. Just remember one things “Work and Time will never stop but your kid will grow up and you will say, oh my God, Time Flies”.

@nira_3105: Sleep deprivation comes as part and parcel of motherhood. We all have been warned about sleepless nights, but no one has helped us with the solution. Here, I want to help new mommies in getting better sleep for both of them. Once your baby is a month old and gaining sufficient weight, make him a habit of sleeping longer in nights (5-6 hours at least, at a stretch). Calm and peaceful sleep helps in baby's development. Just before your bedtime, give oil massage to your baby's legs for 5 minutes and rub little ghee on baby's feet. If possible, also recite Gayatri Mantra or Ramraksha while making him sleep. 

This worked for me like wonders and first night itself my baby slept for good 7 hours. Ultimately I started getting better sleep and was fresh throughout the day. 

Hope you all new mommies find this advice useful. All the best from for this beautiful journey called "motherhood".

@ns_neeta: I am a dentist and I want to write on a topic that is not frequently discussed, ‘Teeth Care for Babies’. Being a dentist and a new mother, I would really want all the other mothers out there to understand and care for their child’s teeth. I truly hope that this help in educating them on how to take care of baby teeth.

When it comes to infant tooth care, I often hear my patients say “they are just baby teeth”. Being a dentist I can say that baby teeth requires baby care.

Typically, the first tooth eruption happens at 6-12 months. The baby teeth aka “primary teeth” is embedded in the gums from birth hence teeth/gum care should start ideally start once the baby is born. My journey of tooth care of my DD started right from when her teeth were un-erupted. Below is the teeth 

care routine I follow.

Teeth Care Routine

From 0-6 months: Make it a point to frequently massage the gums with a clean wash cloth/ gauze after every feed. This gives the gums a soothing feeling and trains the child in early brushing.

From 6-12 months: Once the first tooth has erupted, switch to a soft bristled finger brush which is to be used in circular motions for brushing the teeth. The finger brush I used for my daughter is from Fischer Price.

From 12-24 months: After the four teeth in the front of the mouth have erupted, a brush recommended for 1-year-olds can be used. Brushing technique should be in circular motions. I used the Chicco toothbrush for my daughter.

From 36 months onwards: Now is the time to start using toothpaste. A toothpaste containing fluoride is to be used in pea size amount. Kids should be encouraged to brush their teeth twice a day.

Proper teeth care and brushing techniques leads to decay free teeth and hence a happy childhood.

@ThePhdbaby: The best lesson which pregnancy and parenting has taught me is the Importance of self-care. Through all the life changing moments what you need the most is a fit and healthy body. It is really critical to strike a balance between self-Care and family-care. My advice to moms to be and new moms is to take care of their bodies. To work towards nutrition and fitness because more than anybody you need fitness in this new demanding phase. Good food and self-care can counter the exhaustion and slowing of metabolism and really work to keep you happy. Don't run after the numbers on the weighing scale, work towards a stronger inside. Health is the fuel which jump-starts motherhood and carries the wagon ahead!

@Shanayaasoni: To all the new mom’s out there, congratulations on this new life as mom. There would be times when you would doubt yourself because a lot of people are out there trying to make you believe that what you are doing is not right and would bombard you with lots of myths. But always remember that you are doing a great job and can do nothing wrong for your little baby. When in doubt, follow your instinct.

@mama_and_arjun: It is difficult to give the suggestions but we all learn with our ups and downs. When, I was a first time mum & was absolutely clueless about do’s and don’ts in pregnancy. Then I came to know about the book written by @rujuta.diwekar .The way she has described every single thing be it, diet, health, myths, truths about pregnancy, she covered everything in a single book. The best part about the book is that she advocates simple, local food. She doesn’t advice you fancy diet, and her hilarious way of writing gives you smile on your face. If you are preparing for pregnancy, are pregnant or have just delivered, Pregnancy Notes has got you covered. Rujuta Diwekar takes you through the journey, with tips for even before you get pregnant, till after you deliver your bundle of joy. Each stage includes notes on food, exercise and recovery. Also included are heritage recipes from across the country, so you can mine the wisdom of our grandmothers. This is a must-have guide for every woman.

@wearingmommyhoodTo all the new mommies out there, be proud that you have just brought a new life into this world. We all want to look good, stay fit but please don't just straight away jump onto dieting. Please understand that, it is very important to eat nutrient rich food and fats to an extent for adequate milk production (if you are breastfeeding). So please wait till the baby is 6 months old and then start with any kind of diet. It's better if you wait till the baby turns 1 year. Breastfeeding by itself burns many calories which in turn helps in weightloss. New mommies normally struggle to find the ways of milk production and when you goodle, you find many ways but you are never sure which one will work. So, I can list few ways for you from my experience here. Some of the foods that help in boosting milk production are garlic, oats, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, foxnuts, sago, papaya. Most importantly, drink plenty of water, as water is the major contributor for milk production. A glass of water before and after each feed helps you stay hydrated. If you make sure you don't put on excessive weight, it will be very easy to reduce considerable amount of pregnancy weight within 1 year.

If you did not get the chance to share your exeperience in the blog. Please feel free to share in the comment section below.