Are you still using plastic tiffins for the kids?

How difficult is it to make a move from plastic lunch boxes to stainless tiffins? We asked few moms and dads about it and most of them had an answer which pointed out that stainless lunch boxes are so boring that kids would never want to use them. Here at NameFame, we made an attempt to bring exciting personalized stainless steel lunch boxes in India for the kids to overcome this concern about the stainless steel lunch box. Our lunch boxes are branded, food grade, air tight and at the same time, allows the personalization. You can mention kid's name and select character of kids choice like Unicorn, Princess, Lion etc to be engraved on the lunch box or bottle. Who does not love personalized lunch boxes but when you get stainless steel lunch box personalized, you get interesting, hygenic and eco-frienldy gift for the kiddo. We all know the advantages of stainless steel tiffins over the plastic, so, we are not going to talk about that. We would only like to stress on the point that its high time, we put in efforts to reduce the plastic content and start taking the baby steps towards the plastic free world. Few of the moms and dads bloggers who prefer stainless steel lunch box over plastic boxes have shared their views with us which you can read below. 

One of our dad blogger, who happens to be a doctor too has also pointed out that even the BPA free plastic tiffins are no good. Please read his detailed view on the same below. 

Bearded_doc: There is no such thing as a safe plastic. Plastic contains toxic compound BPA and for this reason, consumers have been duped into thinking by "BPA-Free" is perfectly safe. But this is not true. Exposure to these type of chemicals can reprogram your metobolism and make it more likely to store the calories, instead of passing them through. 

Plastics are made from Petro chemicals through an energy intensive process that itself created lots of pollution and toxis discharge, making the planet les habitable. 

Shivanya_Mom: With the emerging dependency on gadgets and machines era, humans are going more lazy and mindfully convenient with the amount of brands providing 100% satisfaction to what he actually needs. Just a robot is missing in every home and that day is even not far off. Well, I have made you familiar with such reality just above which we all know inside ourselves but deny from outside. PLASTIC! We do use it in our everyday lives and especially more when we have microwaves installed in our kitchens. And yes! we are enjoying it because I believe this is the most convenient way of preparing things ready by pushing the buttons on and off. But guys! Do ask from your heart keeping your hands on it, are we doing right depending so much on such utensils. We only have joined hands to say to NO TO PLASTIC BAGS once, do we have ever thought when the only carrying of things inside the plastic can harm our health then what harm are getting out of such utensils. Coming to a personal usage of utensils for my baby, I thoroughly restricted myself to silver ones earlier and now to steel ones. As we as parents always want to give the best to our kids so lets start it with the ones at home. Yes! I did buy the colorful plastic spoons, bowls for her but at the end of the day my instinct didn’t allow me to continue with that. I know the dependency has become so hard that it might place a little difficulty while shifting ourselves to not to plastic ones. Because with the plastics we have oven plastics also and it makes so convinient for us. But for babies, we should leave a stereotypical notion and let ourselves to REDUCE the use of plastics in our daily life. Be it bags, polythene, utensils etc whatever we can het rid off, we should. You know what I have a little little spoon, bowl, pressure cooker, fry pans in the kitchen that even make my baby feel good when i hand. I am not going scientifically for what qualities shall steel utensils have in them but we all do know what bad effects are of plastic ones. No one can question on the authenticity of high quality plastic to be used in the brands but steel is the one we can touch and reflect for the same. This NO PLaSTIC MOMENT is not only for our little ones but for us who has to make a change within ourselves first.


Fables_of_Babyv: In most households, food is served in normal steel utensils, then why do we buy plastic ones for our babies? I agree that plastic utensils come in a variety of shapes and colours but that doesn't change the fact that they adversely effect our kids health. No matter how much we scour the markets for BPA free plastics, they are bound to have bad effects.So its time to go back in time and bring steel utensils once again because:

Steel is very strong and durable. No matter how many times our little ones throw them during their temper tantrums, its a worry free metal that neither cracks or bends easily. It is very easy to clean and maintain steel utensils. Just wash them well with dish washing liquid and no hassle of sterilizing. Also they are rust- proof and stain- resistant. Silver is not only 100% bacteria free but has anti-bacterial properties too, so there is no hassle of sterilizing it. A usual wash and hot water rinse are enough.Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic surface and any food served in it doesn't attract dust as a result all the nutrients and taste remains intact in food.

Steele utensils are also comparatively cheaper that plastic ones and are a  one-time investment only. If you buy plastic or any other material, you may need to keep buying new plates after some time but if you buy steel plates, you can use them forever without having to buy plates again. You can even get personalized utensils for gifts and mementos by getting them engraved easily. And Lastly, steel is 100% recyclable metal so as a duty towards mother earth and future generation, I urge you to switch back towards steel utensils for better health and prosperous future. 



When it come s to kids we choose every thing which is the best for them so when its about there lunch boxes how can we stay silent.

Stainless steel tiffins have a number qualities Typically, they last longer than glass or plastic because they are corrosion resistant, and do not leach chemicals when exposed to sun/heat. 
They are generally more expensive than plastic, as the cost to produce them is much higher due to being energy intensive. However, stainless steel is 100 percent recyclable. 
The best option for selecting stainless steel tiffins is food grade #304 or 18/8, which means there are 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickle
There are other several reasons to choose stainless steel over glass or plastic

Well, obviously, stainless-steel lunch boxes are more versatile and unbreakable. It is easy enough to break a glass lunch box though, and it can cause serious injury too. For this reason alone, it is best to choose a stainless-steel lunch box. If the latter will be carried by kids, there’s all the more reason to choose steel over glass or plastic

Lighter and portable as compare to glass tiffins:
In most cases, stainless steel tiffin boxes are much more portable and lighter in weight than the glass versions. This makes them durable enough and easier to carry around whether your kid is heading to school or an adventure picnic. Glass tiffin boxes can be heavier and could weigh you down.

With plastics posing many possible health threats, it is better to shift to healthier choices. If you really wish to do away with the harmful plastics in all forms, it is best to choose stainless steel lunchboxes.plastic tiffins realeases a chemical when hot fiid is serve in them which can lead to CANCER TOO so its better to avoid plastic n use steel.

Great designs and organization: Stainless steel lunchboxes come with lots of options when it comes to compartmentalization and organization of different food types. Also, stainless-steel lunchboxes are not plain and boring anymore. a range of insulated lunchboxes that not only are functional, but come in attractive colors and patterns too.

Stainless-steel is antibacterial and won’t leach any harmful chemicals into your food. This makes it the best material for your lunch box, especially for your kids, doesn’t it?

Priyanka_ashish: Say no to plastic. We should avoid using plastic material for food packaging,specially hot food. Since plastic lunch boxes releases some kind of chemicals when kept in contact with hot food, according to the research these chemicals increase the chances of cancer and various diseases.For a child this is more harmful than adult person. But with stainless steel lunch box or tiffin box there is no such problem. So ,I will suggest not to choose plastic lunch boxes and keep your kids and family safe.This will also keep the earth safe from platics as plastic is the biggest problem for domestic waste management. Buy this personalized stainless steel tiffin's customised for kid's favorite character according to your need with your kids name written on it. Great initiative by ,say no to plastic
Gift your Lil ones bful sets and keep them safe . 

Stupid_Beardess: Why give your kids plastics even when you know it's bad?
Most of us are adversaries of plastic free movements and reducing the use of plastics. We buy ourselves upcycled products and decorate our homes with earthenware and what not! Pause a second. Who is the most precious in your life? Most mamas and papas without any doubt would answer, 'my little one'. But are you making the correct choices for them? Start of every school year, you get them those colorful little boxes to pack their lunch, cute little bottles to hold their water, ain't so? You buy those boxes adorned with popular characters- Spiderman and iron man for the boys, Barbie for the girls (Please note, I am not gender stereotyping, just pointing out a trend!). Though aware of the dangers of plastic, you defend yourselves seeing those BPA free tags. Please know that plastic in whatever form, is plastic! And it's gonna affect your kid in adverse ways!

Most of us still buy them coz they are attractive. Who wants those boring old fashioned stainless steel lunch boxes (though they are safe)? But what if you get trendy personalised stainless steel lunch boxes and bottles for your munchkins? Head over to for getting those lovely boxes and bottles. What's better than personalised gifts? They have different color options and make excellent gifts too! Let's make a conscious choice for our kids. Say no to plastic. Take your green step now!!  

raising_2_munchkins We all love our children more than everything, so we always choose best products for them to ensure their safety.
Children are particularly susceptible to chemical effects because their organs are not fully developed and are vulnerable to disruption, because they have higher relative exposures and their metabolic systems are under-developed.
The best way to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals is to stay away from plastic. But reducing plastic waste is especially hard when you have little kids. 
I urge you all to take precautions in your own homes to minimize the usage of plastic. Switch to stainless steel products from plastics to keep your kids safe. 
Start from replacing plastic lunch boxes with personalized stainless steel tiffins. Fancy plastic tiffins, can be stylish but neither they are good for the environment nor for our kids health. Personalized Stainless steel boxes are more durable than plastic lunch boxes and are free from harmful chemicals. They also last a long time making them worth the initial cost.
Additionally, replace plastic water bottles with personalized stainless steel bottles, they are lightweight and very durable.
And for supporting this #Noplastic campaign. I have collaborated with . They have launched an amazing collection of personalised stainless steel tiffins and water bottles. Their lunch boxes come with small containers that do fit together inside. The best part is, they do personalization according to customers choice.
So guys, go and check their #Noplastic range at NameFame's steel collection

Swati_avyaan_mommy: This one is close to my heart. Gradually, we are all waking up to the fact that we need to preserve our environment. Sustainable growth is the need of the hour. I have decided to do my bit. We need to collectively bid adieu to the use of plastics and instead use the more eco friendly steel. Our kids will only emulate us and hence it is important for us to set the right example. Get the party started. Visit for a plethora of options other than plastic. Personalized steel lunch box, Tiffins, spoons, bottles etc. What's more all of this could be personalised with your child's name and child's favorite cartoon.