Twinning with Mom: Mother's Day special, Twin with your son or daughter

Twinning with Mother: When Mommy and Baby Go Gaga Matching their Dresses

No matter how much the world emphasises these patterns --- daddy’s girl and momma’s boy, the fact remains that regardless of the genders, babies share an indispensable bond with their mothers.

In fact, girls who are attached too much to the mother, always have the edge to copy her style statement too. And, here begins the game of “Twinning with Mommy”.

 Twinning with Mom


But, the world order is changing now and boys are nowhere behind in following this trend -- all thanks to our creative dress designers and thought leaders in the industry – boys have no less a chance to do that now.

 This entire concept of twinning with mother has picked up pace this year. Mothers have never been short of fulfilling the needs of their children and walking the extra mile to ensure a fun-filled life. The more care and affection a mother provides to her little one, the higher is her level of satisfaction and joy.  

With all the salutations to the efforts each mother makes towards carving a beautiful life for the little one, we have put together a team of our best designers to create opportunities for each mommy to receive all the happiness and joy she deserves in return. 

Our “Twinning with Mother” range of dresses is not a mere addition to our product catalogue. It is rather, a testimony of the value we hold for mothers and their impeccable relationship with their children which is loaded with emotions, fun, struggles and beauty!

Twinning with Mom

Here are some quick reasons why Twinning with Mother is so much fun:

1.Perfect Selfie

Get a chance to rev up your selfies with your little one. When you match a dress with him or her, it adds to your image value and creates a perfect Mother’s Day memory.

2. Mom and Baby Swagger    

Your dressing is the biggest teller of your style statement. Your matching dress with your little one shows your thought process and seriousness about your dual swagger.

3. Ready Dresses for Events

When you have the dress sets ready in your wardrobe, you are always prepared well for a weekend party. You never have to spend a sleepless night thinking how to ensure you and your little look the best the next day at the event.

4. Feel Good for your kid

For a child, her parents are the biggest role models. They have a tendency to copy the parents the moment. While girls try to follow mom’s make up, boys wear her big shoes

We also asked many moms about their views on the Twinning and we have collated them here for you all to read:

@TheDelhiBahu:I love twinning with my son. It can be me twinning or my husband twinning, but the happiness on his face is priceless. I feel more than us, it is him who feels the connect or experience a feeling of belonging when he sees me or my husband matching him. A very recent example being, we were getting ready for a Pooja at our home and my son (in past) had given me a SUPER hard time trying to make him wear ethnic. So this time too I was hoping a full 10 on 10 tantrum from him while making him wear a cotton chikan kurta pajama. The outfits of my son and my husband were exactly same (prepared specifically for this occasion). So as soon as he started showing signs of reluctance to wear ethnic, I pointed to him at his father’s dress. He did NOT say a single word, wore it and was HAPPY to have worn something exactly same as his dad. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This child who wouldn’t wear a kurta for even 15 minutes otherwise wore it throughout the function and enjoyed himself. So yes I personally feel twinning is not just a fashion statement, it sometimes is more for the child than us.

@Aakanksha Vohra Twinning does makes some beautiful memories.. When my son was born in September last year my daughter who has turned 5 just then felt a little left out although we made sure she is included in everything but then it wasn't possible in everything. So when we were planning a grand Lohri celebration for my new born I was worried that she may not feel left out so I bought twinning colour dresses for both of us. Although I didn't want to wear that colour but to make her feel special I decided to twin and the pride on her face that day was unmatched. So twinning is not just a fashion statement but it has an emotional quotient too.

@Dishagautamb: Twinning with my munchkins like living your childhood with your kid. I LOVE buying same dresses for me and my daughter. I have a son and daughter. Shopping for my son was super boring and twinning with him was limited to tshirts. Now with my daughter I experiment with everything Tshirts, dresses, gowns , Indian dresses and shoes too. It’s a feeling of pride for me. Now twinning for us means my son and my husband, and me and my daughter. Life is too short. Live it with love, make small thing's special and find happiness in them. We as parents need to inculcate the habit of loving every moment of life instead of always crying for what we don’t have. “TWINNING IS JUST A WAY TO TEACH THEM HOW THINGS CAN BECOME SIMPLE IF WE ALL LIVE AND UNDERSTAND THINGS TOGETHER.”

 @Cute_lil_udyan: Everyone loves twinning with kids and so do I. But along with the clothes, we should also twin in different ways. We all know that the kids always like and enjoy copying the elders or specially the parents. Be it lifestyle or eating habits or anything and everything for that matter, so why not take this to our advantage and twin our habits and values with our children along with the outfits. So yeaahh. Let’s twin reading habits, twin healthy eating habits, twin the good values along with Twinning with clothes. We can’t teach them. They do what they see. So it all starts from us and this is how the twinning game will be on point and we can proudly say “TWINNING WINNING”

 @Aishwarya.sandeep: Yes I do love twinning with my son. Though we do not have any specific mom-son outfits but on occasions we do share the same color combination. I generally let my son select his outfits as I believe that is the easiest way to teach them about decision making. At times I also end up wearing clothes that he selects. Sometimes he does lend me his cartoon t-shirts...

 @Shruti Mittal: I love twinning with my twins 

@Nida Sutariya:  Experiencing a life with toddler - twinning is something which happens not just in clothes but everything. Same glasses, same colour watch, sometimes even socks, gosh- it’s amazing to do it as the excitement amongst the child to dress up, look like either of parents makes them feel full of happiness and esp. when others appreciate or comment it makes my son feel as if he has received an award. Twinning for me, my husband and our 3.5 year old is all about matching moods. While it’s about bonding and having the feel of being together. Twinning for us is also to scan us - especially to unknown places. I teach my son to remember what colour and pattern we are wearing so that if we tend to get lost he can quickly recognize in the crowd. So with fun, bond and sense of belongingness, twinning for us also becomes “sign” at unknown places.

@Lilstarmom: You call it crazy? I call it one of the fun parts of motherhood, a little bonding between moms and their little champs. And one of my favourite instagram page launch twinning outfits.

@Everylittlething.happiness:  I think twinning is a great way of bonding since my girls can see their sibling wear the same dress and enjoy dressing up together. It has also made my life simpler.  Because I don't have to keep looking for different clothes for both of them .It's a little struggle too because we usually don't get same clothes for the age range hence I have to really go to different places (online and offline) to get the same dresses.I truly believe that twinning clothes will curb any kind of complex among siblings as there is nothing to compare in terms of clothes at least.

@Stepup.mommy: I love twininng not because it looks cool but it inculcates the feeling of belongingness. We all believe that giving birth to a baby is like watching your heart walking outside your body and when we Twin, Its an overwhelming feeling as we both are just one and in twinning moment, it again feels one. I wish I could twin with him every single day and my son definitely loves Twinning and I can see glow in his eyes when I or my husband twins with him.

 @Momy_hood: I like twinning!!! Somehow this makes our bond stronger. I give extra time while selecting her clothes, making faces, taking pictures. These will be memorable moments, maybe we will see all pictures after 10 years and giggle together.