Views of 21 mommies on the co-sleep or cot-sleep

Co-sleep with your baby - When cot becomes extended Bed

As part of our research, we talked to more than 20 moms to understand their views about the Co-sleep or cot-sleep for the baby. Without any doubt, most of the moms recommended Co-sleep with few exceptions and those moms who encourage the cot sleep has their own reasons to say so and they are definitely the valid ones too. Being a mom, its individual choice and everyone is absolutely correct as moms know the best for their baby. However, as we learn from each other experience, we thought of sharing their views with you and also, one of our own recommendation where you can co sleep with the baby even when the baby is in the cot. 

Moms who recommended the co-sleep have talked about warmth you get when you sleep with your baby, the advantage of the body touch and many more points which you can read below as we have tagged the moms with thwir comments. 

Moms who recommended the cot sleep mainly talks about safety of the baby.

Well, being a mom myself, I have gone through these dilemmas when my baby was born. My instincts always told me to stay with my baby all night and it was difficult for me to imagine to make him sleep in a cot away from me. So, we came up with this amazing solution and you don’t need to buy any specific cot for the same.

Just take your regular cot, put one side of the cot down and connect with your bed. Other side of the cot should be the wall. You can get some reference from the pic below.

The advantage of doing this:

  1. You are sleeping next to baby and you can always hug your baby, pick him up without even moving if the baby feel uncomfortable.
  2. If you are not using the attached cot and you want to co-sleep with your baby, you have to make sure that the baby sleeps between mom and dad. So, that the baby does not fall from the bed. However, if you do it, you are losing on husband-wife time ;) Being a mom, you would hardly get quality time with your husband and if baby sleeps between you, you have to put pillows around the baby too. So. That your husband does not hurt the baby at night. My husband forgets everything in sleep, so I had to be very cautious.

Now, when I decided to do this. I felt great about this idea and most of my friends followed this. The other issue which came up with this was to get the baby bedding. So, Now, I had to get the complete set, though I only needed one side bumper. Namefame come to our rescue and we got the bedding which was the right fit for the extended bed arrangements. Now, they are only selling bedding with one side bumper to encourage co-sleep and at the same time, making sure baby is safe and husband-wife get their own sweet timeJ

We have listed views of different moms. Please do go through them and then make a choice for yourself. As a mom, you know the best for your baby. Follow your intuitions and have a healthy baby. All the very best in your journey and I am very thankful to the moms who shared their views with me. So, I could collate them for everyone to read.

@nira_3105: Sleeping close to your baby itself is a very satisfying feeling. After all, who doesn't like to cuddle up that little bundle of joy all night long. But I have always preferred cot-sleeping for my baby. I felt that he also needs some space of his own, that's comfortable and cozy. My son sleeps in baby-cot from the day we arrived from hospital. Somebody even told me that if you make him habit of baby-cot he will not sleep anywhere else. And frankly, I actually never faced this problem with my baby. In co-sleeping we constantly need to be very cautious with our movements or in that case our snoring also(we all snore, you agree or not). I am not at all against the thought of co-sleeping with baby. It's just that comfortable and peaceful sleep is more important for both baby and parents. Sometimes we also follow co-sleeping with baby. Like he is unwell or wakes up in the middle of the night crying loud, we prefer making him sleep with us in bed. In my opinion, you can't judge between co-sleeping or cot-sleeping. In a city like Mumbai, space constraint is also one of the factor people opt for co-sleeping. So, it's basically a personal choice of every parent basis surrounding factors. 

@Dishagautamb: "The world is in your arms when you co sleep with your new love"... its only few initial years when your kid wants you all the time just be with them and feel the warmth , the love , the cosyness , the happiness you get when you co sleep... In hindi everyone says " sukun ki neend"  is what co sleep is all about.

@Momy_hood:  I prefer co sleep with my baby!! Waking up at night  kissing to her forehead, she always search me for cuddle.this feeling can't be described. 

@mama_and_arjun: Co-sleeping  v/s Crib sleeping : So, what I feel & experienced is that co-sleeping is the best sleeping way with your bundle of joy . One of the advantages is that,  emotional availability is the most important factor towards healthy development .This means being sensitive to your baby's cue & responding appropriately. Also, for breastfeeding moms,co-sleeping is very helpful & comforting.  Another co-sleeping advantage is ,it has been attributed to better emotional health of child . When the baby feels that someone is near to him, he feels secure & comfortable. Also, co-sleeping teaches a child ,their needs will be more quickly met & more nurturing environment he gets !

PS- Upto a certain age, co-sleeping is the best according to me, But by the time when your baby is big enough to Express his needs & requirements clearly you can start crib sleeping practice for let him independent emotionally!

@Mommy_modeon:  I’m a mother of a five year old and my baby. My baby is a Co sleeper,as I feel he doesn’t have a sleep schedule.Moreover I believe if baby sleeps with the mother it helps in maintaining body temperature. Co sleeping helps babies to ‘breathe more regularly,use energy more efficiently,grow faster and experience less stress’. Mothers who are not breastfeeding, can keep pillows between you and the baby just comfortable sleeping position.

@Kinjal_kriti: I prefer Co- sleeps. the main reason is breastfeeding during night time is very easier. there is no need to wake up n get up from the bed n go the baby fo feed or comfort her. and several feelings such the warm touch of the mother her movement, her smell n comfort that would help in overall development . not only the mothers bt also the father will enjoy co-sleeping with their children , as it leads to a great bonding time. it will be a great feeling to wake up next to smiling n beautiful baby.

@ThePHDBaby: Though it was adviced by doctors to never co-sleep since it increases the chances of suffocating the baby, I personally never put her away in a cot. As an Indian mom, it came somewhat naturally to me to feed the baby and put her near me in bed. I was the most careful in her first two years and by God's grace the mom radar was so strong that a minor hiccup woke me up. So I constantly kept a tab on her while she slept . I personally advocate co-sleeping since it keeps the baby close to your touch.But extra caution has to be taken and a bit of sleep sacrificed.It is helpful to take separate blankets and use bed dividers and avoid any soft toys or pillows which could suffocate the child

@Wearing mommyhood:  Throughout my pregnancy, I was 100% sure that I am gonna buy a separate cot for my little one. After all, it has so many benefits like Independence, more hygiene, less accidents etc. But somehow, we couldn't buy it due to various reasons. And we ended up co-sleeping with the baby from day 1. We couldn't sleep properly for a few days initially as we were extremely worried of rolling on to him but later on we enjoyed a lot..It made breastfeeding easy for me as I fed him in side lying position. Soo

Soon, he started sleeping on my arm or my husband's chest which definitely destresses us both..We have definitely built a strong bond over sleeping which is cherishable forever..When he was 3 months old, he stopped crying in the night for feed and used to kick me instead. This reduced the extent of crying in a great way and soon his night schedule was in place in 3 months.. I saved on so much of my sleep due to this..As an added advantage, we saved some good money too..What worked for us may not What worked for us may not work for rest of the parents, so I suggest to choose wisely.

@Vihu_n_mumma : Every new mothers face this situation...what's good for baby??? Cot Sleep or Co sleep!!!!! Basically what I prefer is Co-Sleeping. I have tried crib for 4-5 days as people said to me that baby might get harm while sleeping with you, baby would not get enough sleep on bed blah blah...but what I feel is my baby is having peaceful and good sleep while she sleep with me.

 Here are some benifits of Co-Sleeping.

  • Co-Sleeping with baby made breastfeeding easier as baby is sleeping in a same bed so mother can feed him/her when needed. 
  • As mother is sleeping with baby throughout the night and taking care of her will develop a sense of trust in baby.
  • It also reduce mothers stress and gives her peaceful sleep.

 But there are some points that you have to follow while co sleeping with your baby.

  • Never sleep with a baby when you are drunk or if you have taken any drug.
  • Don't put extra cushions or soft toys on a bed when you are sleeping with baby.
  • Material of mattress Nd bedsheets will be soft and comfortable for baby.
  • Use separate baby blanket for baby.

 @Richa Rai Sood:  Co sleeping is best because night feeds become easy nd it gives mother's warmth to baby as well. My 6 years old son nd 3 months old daughter co sleeps with me.

@Garima Mishra Dwivedi Without any doubt co sleeping is the best as u wud fastly recognize if baby feels any discomfort n also gv baby needed warmth from mother.

@Poorva Nilesh Co sleeping of course...i cannot imagine waking up and going to another room after every hour. It will definitely cause more exertion ... Co sleeping gives you some comfort

@Princy Gupta Co sleeping without any doubt 

@Khushboo Ojha Shukla In a day time while u busy wd household chores cot sleeping and in night co sleeping 

@Naghma Afsar Lot of researches done in western countries suggest that cot sleep is better for child's personality development but in our culture co sleeping is what we have been following since ages and does not really affect kids negatively. My view is co sleep is best for both child and parent(s). You don't have to run every now and then to check your kid and kids also have more comfortable and safe sleep. This strengthens the bond of kids and parents as a family.

@Ramya Karthik Co sleep, makes nursing easier, calms my nerves down and hassle free, baby sleeps wherever I sleep, even during trips and travels! 

@Anjum Fatima My baby sleep in his crib which is beside my bed and the railing is removed .. he always sleep like that so he is right beside me but in his crib but sleeps on my hand