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Personalized Crown Shaped Cot Bedding Set

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Personalized Crown Shaped Cot Bedding Set

Get the affordable personalized baby cot sheets and pillow set with us.

This set includes:

  • 4 crown shaped pillows. Out of which one will be personalized
  • Cot sheet
  • Personalized pillow


Personalized baby cot set for the kids

A unique and personalized baby cot set with crown shaped pillows as bumpers.

Measurements regular size baby cots. 

4 crown shaped pillows will be available as bumper.

**Bumper is availble for one side only as we promote co sleep where you connect the coat with the bed and keep one side of the cot down, so kid can also feel the warmth of mom and at the same time kid is safe too. 

Colors might vary a bit due to photography.

We deal in original and Indian made products only. 


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